The Pulp Molded packaging is a biodegradable & eco-friendly packaging.

Used natural fiber plant as the raw material. Such as sugarcane bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, wheat pulp, recycled paper pulp etc. It is a real green material & environmental friendly. Can be biodegradable within 90 days in the soil.

Normally used in the industrial packaging, agriculture, home appliance, food packaging area.

It is a customized packaging,thermoformed by mould, can be moulding to different sizes & shapes of it. The normal color is white & natural brown. It also can be made other colors as Panton color.

It has two basically technical products. Dry pressing & Wet pressing. Different technical the products surface look, usage is different.

Dry pressing: One side smooth, one side rough. The thickness can be make from 1.5-5mm. Can be used as a protection packaging.

Wet pressing: One side very smooth, other side with natural fiber texture. The thickness is around 0.8mm. Normally used in those highly qualified packaging.